Faculty Profile

The College of Nursing possesses dynamic administrative head the Principal along with qualified and experienced faculty members in the various departments of nursing namely :

  • Fundamental of Nursing
  • Medical-Surgical Nursing
  • Child Health Nursing
  • Maternity Nursing
  • Community Health Nursing
  • Mental Health Nursing
  • Nursing Education
  • Nursing Research
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1 Dr. A. Jaya Sudha Principal
2 Dr. M. D. Anuratha Professor
3 Mrs. Meera Saravanan Professor
4 Mrs. M. Nirmala Professor
5 Mrs. J. Leena Professor
6 Mr. M. Baskaran Associate Professor
7 Mrs. S. Kilda Associate Professor
8 Mrs .S. Rajeswari Associate Professor
9 Mrs .T. Maheswari Associate Professor
10 Mrs. R. C. J. Reena Associate Professor
11 Mrs. S. Sudhapriya Associate Professor
12 Mrs. Rajani Merlin Sam Associate Professor
13 Mrs. S. Sofiya Princess Hema Assistant Professor
14 Mrs. R. Rathi Assistant Professor
15 Mrs. J. Poornima Mary Rodriguez Assistant Professor
16 Mrs. Santhanalakshmi.G Assistant Professor
17 Mrs. P. M. Rajeswari Assistant Professor
18 Mrs. R. Gnanajothi Assistant Professor
19 Mrs. D. Lydia Jeeva Jothi Assistant Professor
20 Mrs. B. Keerthana Assistant Professor
21 Mrs. M. Jenifer Gracy Assistant Professor
22 Mrs. P. Ramya Assistant Professor
23 Mrs. P. Vikashini Assistant Professor
24 Mrs. Hema. D Assistant professor
25 Mrs. S. Muthulakshmi Assistant professor
26 Mrs. D. Shangeetha Tutor/Lecturer
27 Mrs. A. Prameela Tutor/Lecturer
28 Mrs. B. Priyaselvi Tutor/Lecturer
29 Mrs. K. Priscilla Tutor/Lecturer
30 Mrs. R. Abishak Tutor/Lecturer
31 Mrs. Vedavalli K Tutor/Lecturer
32 Ms. M.Deepikashri Tutor/Lecturer
33 Mrs. Jeyanthi. P Tutor/Lecturer
34 Mrs. Remya Ramachandran Tutor/Lecturer
35 Ms. Arthi R Tutor/Lecturer
36 Ms. Anitha P Tutor/Lecturer
37 Mrs. Merline.M. S Assistant professor
38 Mrs. Cicily John Assistant professor
39 Mrs. Rabeena NL Clinical Instructor
40 Ms. E. Karthika Clinical Instructor
41 Ms. R. Haritha Clinical Instructor
42 Ms. N. Kavipriya Clinical Instructor
43 Ms. P. Priyanka Clinical Instructor
44 Ms.V. Jayalakshmi Clinical Instructor
45 Ms.A. Priyah Clinical Instructor
46 Ms. Deepa R.L Clinical Instructor
47 Ms. Juno Jenciba.A Clinical Instructor