The Trained Nurses Association of India (TNAI) is a National Professional Association of Nurses is established in 1922.

The purposes of TNAI are

  • Upholding the dignity and honour of the nursing profession.
  • Promoting a sense of esprit de corps among all nurses.
  • Enabling members to take counsel together on matters relating to their profession.

The organization of the TNAI makes it possible for all nurses to participate at some level. Beginning with the local unit, which is usually made up of personnel in a specific institution, the level of organization moves to the district, state and national levels The aims of the TNAI center upon needs of the individual member and problems in the nursing profession as a whole. Such aims include Up-Grading, Development and Standardization of Nursing Education; Improvement of Living and Working Conditions for Nurses in India and Registration for Qualified Nurses.

Trained Nurses Association of India (TNAI) – Local Unit

    Faculty Trip to Baralikkadu 30th July 2022:

  • TNAI local unit along with Social committee arranged Faulty trip to Baralikkadu on 30.07.2022 Totally 43 members including their kids enjoyed the trip.

    International Nurses Day 12th May 2021:

  • TNAI Unit observed International Nurses Day, organized an Activity programme for Nursing faculty such as Virtual tour to Florence Nightingale Museum, Crossword puzzle, Perception on Nursing on a tree, Extempore on independent nurse practitioners, Dance for nursing procedures and Cake cutting by Principal on 12th May, 2021.
  • International Nurses Day 5th May 2018:

  • TNAI Local Unit has organized International Nurses Day on May 5th at the Seminar Hall. A quiz programme with 5 rounds on logo, theorists, odd one out, count the line and identify the thing and a team building game was organized for the faculty members. Reinforcements were given for the faculty.
  • Guest lecture session on“What is your Life story?”2017:

  • Mrs. Valli Kala, Counselor, Kumara Guru College of Technology has given a Guest lecture session on“What is your Life story?” on September 15th 2017. This was organized by TNAI Local Unit of PSG College of Nursing.
  • International Nurses Day 12.05.2017 :

  • The TNAI Local Unit of PSG College of Nursing organized a Nurses Day celebrations on 12.05.2017 with message from Dr.G.Malarvizhi, Principal incharge. Activities for the faculty which included paired ‘t’ test and Mounam Paeseyaethae. The programme was organized by Prof.Meera Saravanan, Mrs Rajeswari.S,Mrs Vimala.V,Ms Keerthana.B and Ms Onisha Nirjo.
  • Workshop on ‘Mentoring’ :

  • The TNAI Local Unit of PSG College of Nursing organized a half day workshop on ‘Mentoring’ for the faculty and PG students on 15th September 2016. Dr.Pavai, Professor & Head, Department of Padiatric Surgery, Dr.P.A.Kumar, Training Centre Co-ordinator, Simulation lab and Dr.S.Shanthakumari, Professor, Department of Pathology were the resource persons.
  • Panel Discussion in view of observing International Nurses Day 2015:

  • PSG College of Nursing TNAI Local Unit had organized a Panel Discussion in view of observing International Nurses Day 2015 on 12th May 2015 at 2 pm on the theme ie, Nurses: a force for change: care effective, cost effective. Ms. Santhosh Priya, Ms. Assumpta Johncy, Mrs. S. Rajeswari, Mr. M. Baskaran, Mrs. P. M. Rajeswari and Mrs. Kala M were the panelists.
  • Mrs Leena J, Associate Professor, attended the XXV TNAI Biennial Conference on “Developing effective leaders in nursing- today and tomorrow, for quality patient care” at Jennys College of Nursing, Trichy on 10th and 11th of October 2014.
  • Panel Discussion in view of observing International Nurses Day 2014:

  • International Nurses’ Day on 16th May by conducting a panel discussion on the theme 2014 ‘Nurses: A force for change – A vital resource for health’. Two faculty from each department formed as panel members with Mrs.Maheswari T being the moderator. The topics discussed were nurses being the change agent in health care setting, work load measurement, working enviroment how nurses can bring about changes in nursing practice, education, administration and even in community and politics. All the faculty attended and contributed their valuable information.

  • The TNAI local unit had organized the REGIONAL CONFERENCE on STRATEGIES TO PROMOTE ORGAN DONATION on 28th February 2011. Programme was coordinated by Prof. Malarvizhi.G HOD, Pediatric Nursing Department and Organizing Secretary. Mrs. Leena Francis Asst.Professor, Fundamentals of Nursing Department. 120 delegates of Under-graduate and Post-graduate students were benefited by this conference. Scientific sessions were dealt by experts in the field of Organ donation. Conference came to an end with a role play on “Organ donation” by MSC Nursing 1st year students of PSG CN.
  • Faculty get together Trip 2011:

  • NAI PSG CN Local unit and social committee organized faculty a get together trip on 23.07.2011 to Koduveri water falls near Sathyamangalam. All faculties enjoyed the trip with their children also.